Rule book


The owner of TERRACIELO GUEST HOUSE pleased to welcome you, public the following rule book Guests are invited to respect all the rules in order to permit everybody to have a nice time in the Terracielo Guest House.


Check-in is possible from 14.00 to 22.00 (local time). To avoid long waits we recommend you to tell us in advance the moment you are supposed to arrive.

Check-out must be done at 10 am.


Payment must be done on arrival by cash. Cheques or credit cards will not be accepted. In case of earlier departure there is no refound.

on arrival you have to present the valid identification documents card (passport, or IDS) as required by the law. This is mandatory and in case you don’t’ have any valid document, accomodation will NOT be garanted and you will be asked to leave the Terracielo Guest House.

All your personal data is treated in accordance with the law
keys will be given just after the payment. The are under the guests’ responsibility, and, in case of loss a penalty fee will occur, for a maximun of € 250,00.
Please don’ t slam the door and pricipal door.
In the case the guest causes any damage to Terracielo Guest House, he will be considered responsible and he will have to pay for the necessary costs when leaving. The guest accepts the fact that the owners are not responsible for anything that could happen during the accomodation period.

there has to be a greater silence from 23.00 to 8.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00. children must always be under the supervision of an adult. The Terracielo Guest House is expemted from any accident that might happen.

Furthermore, a decent behavior must be kept in order not affect other’s quiet
Complete room cleaning is done every 3 days. You have to leave the room before 10.30 am to let us clean and tidy up. If youneed to leave the room later, the cleaning will be procastinated. Please arrange your personal objects in a way that makes the cleaning easier.The request for additional linen change is subject to a charge of € 5.00 per exchange.
The cleaning of the hob, fridge and crockery is charged by the kind guests, while the payment of € 30,00 is charged.
It is strictly forbidden to carry the the whites outside the Terracielo Guest House. A € 15.00 penalty will be applied for each one you carry outside.
It is strictly forbidden to have parties inside the rooms and on the terrace. It’is also forbidden to invite other people in the rooms or in the terrace without the owners’ permission or a € 100.00 /night supplement will be required. The customer is not allowed to rent the room even partially, in this case the booking will be cancelled and € 250,00.penalty will be applied.

It’s strictly forbidden to carry weapons or any illegal drug inside the Terracielo Guest House, or anything else that could put other guests in danger. If you brig one or more of the things mentioned, your booking will be cancelled and you will have to leave.

It’s strictly forbidden to smoke inside the rooms

The use of the terrace (shared space) has to be in the most civil and equal way whit the other customers.

it’s not possible to leave personal items in the shared spaces. The  TERRACIELO GUEST HOUSE, is not responsible for unguarded personal items.
N.B. : we decline every responsibility for loss, theft or damage of your personal things, even inside the rooms.
Pets are not allowed.
While you are inside in the TERRACIELO GUEST HOUSE, you are not allowed to wear indecent clothes, or do anything else, that could get other customers upset

Toilets must be used in a correct and civil way, awolding to throw inside the drainage (use the baskets instead). The customer declairs to have visited the room and the building and that he found them good enoungh for the purposes concerted. Once the keys are given to the customer, he is considered the keeper.

The customer as a keeper, commits to give the room back in the same state as it was once arrived (except wear and tear) and to pay for any damage that he causes.

Everybody who houses in the TERRACIELO GUEST HOUSE also accepts these rules, a copy which is placed in every room.


Loredana Campanelli

Terracielo Guest House
Via Vico Seminario, 5 Monopoli
Tel (+39) 320 6782093
P.I 07640850728

CIS                                                                                  TerraCielo Guest House BA07203042000015874 TerraCielo Apartments BA072030000018906


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